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National Mourning Cuba Fidel Castro died sign the solemn oath to fulfill the Concept of Revolution



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Nota de Prensa http://misiones.minrex.gob.cu/es/articulo/nota-de-prensa-de-la-comision-organizadora-para-las-honras-funebres-del-comandante-en-jefe

Press Release http://misiones.minrex.gob.cu/en/articulo/press-release-organizing-commission-funeral-rites-commander-chief-fidel-castro-ruz


Decree by the Council of State: National Period of Mourning

Submitted by editor on Sat, 11/26/2016 - 08:11


CUBA, 26 November 2016.- On the occasion of the passing of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba declares nine days of National Mourning, from 06:00 on 26 November to 12:00 on 4 December 2016.


During the Period of National Mourning, all public activities and performances will be suspended; the national standard will fly at half-mast at all public buildings and military establishments.  Cuban Radio and Television will be airing informative, patriotic and historical programing.


Council of State of the Republic of Cuba


Press release from the Organizing Commission


CUBA, 26 November 2016 .- The Organizing Commission of the Central Committee of the Party, State and Government for the funeral rites of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, informs the populace that as of 29 November, from 09:00 until 22:00, at the José Marti Memorial, the population of the capital may present themselves to pay their respects in tribute to their leader.  The hours will be extended until 29 November from 9:00 to 12:00.


On 28 and 29 November, from 09:00 to 22:00, at locations to be notified at the opportune time, in every city and town including the capital Havana, every Cuban will have the possibility of paying homage and signing the solemn oath to fulfill the Concept of Revolution expressed by our historical leader on the first of May of 2000, as expression of our will to continue his ideas and those of our Socialism.


On 29 November, at 19:00, a mass rally will be held in José Martí Revolution Square of Havana.


The following day, his ashes will be taken along the itinerary recalling The Caravan of Freedom of January 1959, to the province of Santiago de Cuba, to conclude on 3 December.


On 3 December, at 19:00, a mass rally will be held at Antonio Maceo Square.


Burial will take place at 07:00 on 4 December at the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery.


We also inform our people that the Military Review and the March of the Combative People for the 60th anniversary of the Landing of the Granma Expeditionaries, Revolutionary Armed Forces Day, will be postponed until 2 January of 2017.


The Organizing Committee





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Argentina: El Che lives on! Get lost in Buenos Aires ...


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