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Venezuela Simón Bolívar Sovereignty, CIADILuis Britto Garcia: VENEZUELA: CONSTITUENT

Asunto: Luis Britto Garcia: VENEZUELA: CONSTITUENT


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Luis Britto Garcia



-"Lord, lucky is the citizen who, shielded by the arms at his disposal, has summoned the National Sovereignty that it may exercise its absolute will!"  Thus, El Libertador Simon Bolivar opened his February 15, 1819 Speech to the Congress of Angostura.


 -Happy is the people that is summoned to exercise National Sovereignty, not on trifles, but to transform the State, to create a new juridical order and usher in a transcendental change, such as for example, to declare all the means of production as societal property.


-Fortunate is the citizenry which, to prepare for the good expression of its will, has liberated itself from the artificial scarcity, rescinding the previous accord allowing the illegal transfer of funds to the dozen of oligopolios that create small enterprises to import garbage or hide what they import and then sell it at inflated prices.


-Happy is the Venezuelan who, before electing representatives, ensures the severe sanctioning of those who stole the 6 billion dollars destined to import basic goods, those who let 40% of what the country produces or imports escape our borders.


-Blessed is the people who understands that voting for those who capitalize on their hunger, will cause the loss of the investment the Nation has in the hydrocarbon industry, of free higher education, social benefits, the benefits of the missions, the jurisdictional immunity that prevents Venezuela from being judged and condemned as delinquent by the Organization of American States, the OEA, (from the Spanish, Organizacion de Estados Americanos), by the International Center for Settlement of Differences on Investments, CIADI, (from the Spanish, Centro Internacional de Arreglo de Diferencias sobre las Inversiones), or by any other foreign tribunal, the prohibition against foreign military bases in our territory, the norm that defines our social gains as irreversible, the right to true and opportune information, and the equality of women, to mention only a few of the conquests of the Constitution of 1999.

-Prudent is the elector who knows that with being a Constituent comes a re-legitimation of powers, in which an imprudent vote or a resentful abstention could put in the hands of the enemies of the people not only the Legislative Power, but also the Judicial, the Moral, the Electoral and the Executive Powers.


-Shrewd is the elector who, conscious of what is at stake, considers unworthy of election to a Constituent Assembly or any public office those who supported the installation of the dictatorship that abolished the Constitution by a single stroke of the pen, the abduction of the President elect, the judgment of the legitimate President by foreign criminal courts, the submission of Venezuela to foreign tribunals or councils, the privatization of the Petroleum of Venezuela Incorporated, PDVSA, (from the Spanish, Petroleos de Venezuela Sociedad Anonima), or the assignment of absolute and exclusive control of the natural resources that belong to all Venezuelans to a single class, cast or ethnic group.


-Prudent are those who demand that the representatives they elect agree to signed letters of resignation, in case they support or allow passage without their opposition any of the aforementioned acts of Treason to the Fatherland.


-Wise are those who understand that a constituent who recognizes powers conquered with actions, does not have those powers that the lack of their exercise has destroyed.



Free translation from the Spanish by

Luis Britto Garcia, 

sent by Yury Weky Silva,



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