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Torturers should be prosecuted, not promoted SOAW WATCH Council give Guantanamo back to Cuba

Dear Friends and Supporters,

My name is Dr. Maha Hilal and I am a council member of the School of the Americas Watch.  I'm also Muslim which is why I'm extremely concerned about President Trump's pick for CIA director - Gina Haspel.  Haspel oversaw the first CIA black site that was created to house Muslim suspects in the War on Terror and where two prisoners were waterboarded repeatedly.  It was this site, in Thailand, that created a blueprint for the black sites that emerged all over the world - of which there were at least 20 - to imprison Muslims and Muslims alone.
Throughout the War on Terror, Muslims have become accustomed to a differential system of justice - an issue I wrote about here.  But denying Muslims justice while rewarding those who torture is another low for the history of human rights abuses in the United States.
Next week Wednesday, May 9th on the day of Gina Haspel's nomination hearing, I'm leading an action to call for Haspel to be prosecuted not nominated.  I will also be centering the many Muslim victims - 119 to be exact who endured torture at the hands of the CIA.  The torture they endured was so brutal that members of the Senate produced a report in 2014 documenting it's extent - finding that among the tactics used were sleep deprivation, rectal feeding (a form of rape), and stress positions.
I hope you will consider attending the action to not only protest Haspel's nomination, but to also remind the public of the grave abuses that the CIA has committed across the globe - with a long history in South and Central America. 
The Trump administration has been undercutting our rights for far too long now, so it's critical that we fight and resist at any opportunity that is presented.  Gina Haspel's nomination is one of them.  That's why I hope you'll join me at the action next Wednesday.  That's also why I encourage you to donate to the School of the Americas Watch as one of the most radical organizations that has fought against state violence since its inception.  
We need to keep fighting, because when we fight, we win.
Dr. Maha Hilal  

SOA Watch
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