martes, 11 de septiembre de 2018

Chile 45 years after the coup d'état, "I ask for punishment" Salvador Allende Chaubloqueo Museo Che Guevara Buenos Aires


Eladio ,

Forty five years ago, on September 11th, a violent CIA-backed coup d'état in Chile overthrew the popular government of Salvador Allende. Since then, Chile has struggled to reclaim it's dream of social justice and transformation that the Popular Unity Alliance (Unidad Popular) fought so hard for.

The 17-year military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet resulted in the murder and enforced disappearance of 3,227 people, the detention and torture of another 38,254 people, and the exile of more than 200,000 Chileans. Pinochet, with the steady hand of the US, brought state violence in its purest form.

Classified documents reveal that at least 1 out of every 4 agents of Pinochet's secret police (DINA, National Intelligence Directorate) received military training at the US Army School of the Americas (SOA), later confirmed in the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report, "Covert Action in Chile: 1963-1973". Between 1970 and 1973, almost 800 soldiers were trained at the SOA.

While Chileans remember the terror regime of Pinochet, they have held military officials to account in Chilean courts. They simultaneously call for accountability from the United States because of its role in facilitating serious violations of human rights that were experienced during the dictatorship. We echo their call for accountability, and continue to uplift those whose lives were taken by the dictatorship.


We celebrate the valiant efforts of survivors of the dictatorship, Chilean students, and the Mapuche people who continue to resist the neoliberal model designed by US economists, imposed by Pinochet and maintained to this day. Today, we honor their legacy of memory and resistance in the face of state violence because we know that when we fight, we win.

In the words of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda:

For those dead, our dead, I ask for punishment.
For those who splashed the country with blood, I ask for punishment.
For the executioner who sent this death, I ask for punishment. 
For the traitor who ascended over the crime, I ask for punishment.
For the one who gave the order for agony, I ask for punishment.
For those who defended this crime, I ask for punishment.

In solidarity and resistance,

SOA Watch


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